Toro Y Moi: Freaking Out EP

Though chillwave may not be an actual genre to stand alone, Toro Y Moi’s, Chazwick Bundick seems to embody everything chillwave first represented. Which was not only mellowed-out electronic music but chillwave as a feeling. Many correlations can be drawn between Toro Y Moi, Neon Indian and Washed Out, all of which seem to fully embody chillwave, due to aesthetic similarities between these bands. What differentiates Toro Y Moi from the rest is his emphasize on the sounds instead of the actual lyrics, which can be seen in Bundick’s lastest EP ‘Freaking Out‘.

Toro Y Moi’s vocals and instrumentals remind us of an 80’s funky, dance groove mood. Bundick combines the electornica feel we get from Causers of This, with the relaxed mood of Underneath the Pine. Overall Bundick produced a great EP, with lots of nostalgic sounding grooves.

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